Pets Need Pals – Chickpea – Kentucky S.A.V.E.

Ellen Nuville, with Kentucky S.A.V.E. brings Chickpea, a cat looking for a forever home, to the studio to meet Meteorologist Eric Burke.

Kentucky S.A.V.E. (Saving Animals, Volunteering, Educating,) is a non- profit 501c3 certified, no-kill animal rescue, dedicated to caring, helping, training, and placing homeless, abandoned, abused, injured, and ill domestic animals throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The organization is made of up a network of foster homes with loving, generous, and compassionate families.  Because Kentucky S.A.V.E. has no facility, they’re able to help animals by putting them directly into a home where they can begin to adjust to family life.

A foster can provide information that a shelter or breeder can not- an animal’s behaviors, how they interact with other animals and people, and how far along they are with potty and other forms of training.

When you adopt from Kentucky S.A.V.E., you get a wealth of knowledge about your pet and an animal that is already on their way to adjusting to a wonderful, loving live with people and families.

To learn more, head to, or follow them on Facebook.

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