Petitioners look to get property tax increase on the ballot

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- Lexington voters, will you have final say on a property tax hike in Lexington?

The Fayette County School Board okayed a tax hike of five cents per $100 of property with the money going to a school safety plan.

But with enough names on a petition, the tax would go on the ballot, for voters to decide.

Organizers of the petition to put the property tax increased approved by the Fayette County School Board earlier this month to a vote say right now they are cautiously optimistic they’ll get enough signatures.

In the days since Dan Rose and four other people officially filed the paperwork to petition the school board’s approval of a five cent property tax increase to fund the district’s proposed school safety plan, Rose says he’s received a lot of support.

“It’s been amazing. I had a couple people last night emailing me. One lady said she had been up and down her street already and had 40 signatures,” said Rose.

To successfully petition the tax increase though the organizers will need a lot more than 40 signatures.

“13,912 but those have to be registered Fayette County voters,” said Rose.

Rose has until September first to get all those signatures and says he believes he will because he thinks there are a lot of people out there who feel the same way he does about this tax increase.

“They feel like it’s just more and more and more, like the government continually asks for more and more money from them and there doesn’t seem to be an accountability about the spending,” said Rose.

Rose says he’s all for the school’s proposed safety plan but says they should find a way to fund it within their budget rather than asking for more money.

“To me this is the top priority and it’s their job as the school board and the school administrators to make whatever cuts are necessary to keep our kids and teachers safe,” said Rose.

We reached out to Fayette County Public Schools for comment but did not hear back.

If the organizers get enough signatures they say most likely it will be put on a special referendum ballot, not the November ballot because that ballot is already in the process of being made.

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