Petition submitted to stop property tax increase for a new jail

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Madison County officials say it desperately needs a new jail after years of overcrowding.

The county’s fiscal court approved a property tax increase in September to help pay for the 45 million dollar jail.

The property tax increase would add 11 cents for every $100 of property value.

After it was approved, people were not happy about it and started a petition.

The petition organizer, Mary Renfro only needed about 3,700 signatures and she got over 6,000 signatures.

“We’re going to step us as a community and take care of this,” said Mary Renfro.

County officials say they are worried about the future of the old jail if there isn’t a tax increase.

Currently the jail is housing 200 more inmates than it can hold and the county has already been paying to send some to detention centers in other counties.

“If I have to do my part by paying a higher tax so there’s a safe community for my children to be in and to raise their children in then I’m going to do that,” said Jennifer Lainhart, Resident.

The judge executive’s office hasn’t responded to the petition yet. It says it doesn’t want to comment until the petition is official.

If the petition is approved it could go on the November 2020 ballot.

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