Petition against School Safety tax fails

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- Voters in Fayette County won’t have the chance to overturn a property tax hike.

Organizers of a petition wanted to put it on the ballot but they came up short as they tried to get enough names before Tuesday’s deadline.

In total, the organizers estimate they collected around 11,000 signatures in the 45-day limit they had, a few thousand away from what was needed.

Organizers originally started this petition to try and get the five cent property tax increase that was approved by the Fayette County School Board this summer on a ballot for voters to decide.

Now that the petition has officially failed the tax increase is set in stone.

Homeowners will see the five cent increase on their taxes this fall.

Something petition organizers say will hurt many of their supporters.

“We just got an email from a woman who helped us raise, get signatures. She has one arm, she’s raising a 13-year-old grandson and she was out working the streets in the heat to get signatures this because she doesn’t even know if she’s going to be able to keep her house,” said Dan Rose, one of the petition organizers.

Fayette County Schools advocated for this tax increase in order to fund their $13.5 million dollar new school safety plan.

That plan includes adding metal detectors to all middle and high schools as well as hiring more school safety officers.

Fayette County School officials say the administration plans on announcing the first steps in implementing this new safety plan in the next coming weeks.

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