Petition still lacks enough signatures to force vote on property tax hike

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- Just a few days left for organizers to get enough names on a petition to force a public vote on a Fayette County property tax hike and they admit they might come up short.

With just a few days left to collect close to 14,000 signatures, the organizers of the petition against that new school safety plan tax increase say that as of right now they are not confident they will meet that threshold.

“I guess you can do the math. You know it’s taken us, since we started it’s been 30 some days and we’re at 9 thousand. We need 14 thousand,” said Dan Rose, one of the petition organizers.

Rose has just three days to collect 5,000 more signatures.

“So, it’s unlikely we’re going to get to the number,” said Rose.

Still supporters of the petition that would force a vote on the property tax increase already in effect aren’t giving up.

“And so we’ve told them, go out, try to get as many signatures as you can this weekend and if we get close to the number we’ll on monday we’ll see if we have enough to justify turning the m in,” said Rose.

Either way, Rose says the fight against this tax hike won’t end here.

“The ultimate solution to this is get a new school board, get new members on the school board who would vote to repeal this tax,” said Rose.

That’s because the Fayette County school board was the one that approved the tax increase last month.

A tax school officials say is the only way to fund the district’s more than $13 million new safety plan.

Rose disagrees.

“The school system has plenty of money to keep the kids in the schools safe,” said Rose.

So while his petition may be failing, Rose says he is already recruiting candidates to run in the next school board elections.

School officials say if the petition does indeed fail then the administration will announce plans to start implementing the school safety plan within the next few weeks.

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