Petco supporting therapy, service and working animals

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Petco invited people to visit their stores to meet a helping hero on Saturday.

In Frankfort, people gathered together to learn about the transformative impact that therapy, service and working animals have on lives every day.

Beth Nelson explains the difference and importance of each dog and all of the work that goes into training them.

“We raise 5 different kinds of service dogs I am a puppy raiser so I keep him for about 16 months teach him 30 commands and then he goes up to what we call graduate school at one of our 5 regions for 6 months and then when they graduate they become one of 5 different types of service dogs. The main reason that I do this is that we are charity we do not charge for our dogs,” Nelson said.

The Petco Foundation raises money for these special dogs, helping them better understand how to help their person.

Service animals are trained to provide support for people with physical, neurological and mental health needs.

Working animals are trained to perform a specific task like safeguarding military bases, search and rescue, and detecting arson.

Therapy animals provide affection and comfort to people at places such as hospitals, senior living centers, and schools.

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