Perryville’s Only Police Officers Quit

Perryville’s only two police officers quit at Thursday night’s city council meeting.

It’s been reported the police quit, because the Mayor would not hire a third officer.  In a phone call, the former Police Chief said that was false.

Friday, we could hear the Perryville Police Department’s phone ringing, but nobody was there to answer.  The phone calls would not be returned. 

The door to the office was locked, and the police cruisers were parked.

What would happen if you park where it says do not park, run a red light, or worse?

"It’s just a little ominous I guess.  Not that we have a whole lot of crime here, but now it’s the fact that if something were to happen, who would you call," asked Shana Followell.

The Sheriff’s Deputies in Danville are 15-minutes away.  The Mayor said they’re safe, but she wouldn’t comment on camera.  Only Council Member Tim Simpson would.

"Unfortunate that it happened, and we’ll try to work it out," said Simpson.

Former Police Chief Charlie Parks said he has 30 years of police experience and Mayor Anne Sleet hasn’t been a cop for one day.  Parks said he was tired of her micromanaging.  He said Sleet wanted to be Mayor and Police Chief. 

The Mayor said the resignations were a surprise.  Parks said he gave her a heads up.

Parks didn’t want to say too much, or go on camera, because if the opportunity arises, he said he would like to come back.

Two Council Members expressed interest in having an emergency meeting to figure out what happens next.

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