Perryville looking to redesign city logo

PERRYVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ/Advocate-Messenger) – The Perryville City Council has decided to form a committee to come up with new designs for the city’s logo. The committee will consist of city council members Tim Simpson and Kelly Gray, along with artist Stuart Arnold who designed the current logo.

According to The Advocate-Messenger’s Olivia Mohr, the decision to redesign the logo came from the current flag’s inclusion of a Confederate flag and because the current logo reads “Battle of Perryville” rather than “City of Perryville” or representing the city in any way.

Perryville is the site of the bloodiest Civil War battle in Kentucky, fought on Oct. 8, 1862.

The controversy caused by the flag’s logo has impacted flag sales and Facebook polls regarding whether to hang the flags.

“I’ve also spoken with several members of the city of Perryville who do find the Confederate flag, you know, to be hurtful or offensive, and whether I personally agree with that or not is not the point here,” Kelly Gray said, according to The Advocate-Messenger’s reporting. “The point is that we are representing those people, and you can’t discredit their feelings because they’re entitled to that.”

Councilman Simpson stated the city aimed to represent history with the flag.

Adam Gray, another city council member, said the issue he has with the argument about history is that for example, in Europe, “I don’t think you’re going to see Nazi flags flying, and to me that represents hate to people, just like the Nazi flag represents hate.” He says it is one’s freedom to choose if a Confederate flag is displayed, but it was not appropriate for the city to hang one in its design, the newspaper reported.

Councilman Tim Lanham works at the Perryville Battlefield and shared the Confederate flag design on the city’s logo is not accurate with the one flown in Perryville during the battle.

“Now that my eyes have been opened to the way, you know, people who live in this community feel about it, I’m ashamed, really, that we have — I just can’t imagine driving down my Main Street and feeling like this is my community, but it’s hurtful to look at certain things that represent my community because of the color of my skin,” Kelly Gray said, according the newspaper artuicle. “That would be a terrible feeling.”

When asked about his opinion on the flag’s representation, Mayor Brian Caldwell said, “I tend to agree that it is part of history, and I’m a huge history buff myself. I don’t like erasing history. I don’t agree with everything that’s happened in history, of course — a lot of atrocities happened that should not have happened, agreeably. But at the same time, I think I guess the angle that I came from it was without the Battle of Perryville, would we even have a Perryville?”

The vote to form a committee to redesign the city logo was 5-1, with the “nay” vote coming from Councilman Steve Bailey, according to the newspaper.

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