People Protest Expansion of Scott County Landfill

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky.- Hundreds of people packed into the Scott County High School auditorium Wednesday night to protest the expansion of the Central Kentucky Landfill.

Hoisting signs and wearing stickers saying “Don’t DUMP On Us!” hundreds of people voiced their concern about the expansion of the Central Kentucky Landfill during a public hearing hosted by Kentucky’s Division of Waste Management.

“It’s going to continue to destroy Scott County’s natural resources and I don’t believe that Scott County should be other counties and other states dumping ground,” said Jeffrey Levitan, a resident of Scott County and opponent of the expansion.

the proposed expansion would more than double the size of the landfill to more than 75 acres and increase its land boundary from 100 acres to over 600 acres.

“Scott County is the largest growing county in Kentucky right now so why do we want to take our land to fill in up with trash instead of bringing people, new residents in instead,” said Katrina McLean, a resident of Scott County and opponent of the expansion.

Protesters say the expansion would not only take away valuable land but make an already narrow U.S. 25 even more dangerous.

“We don’t need this much traffic on our roads around school buses going to school in the morning and these trucks running up and down these roads. There’s already been a fatality on 25 this year, well not this year but last year and stuff like that and there’s just no regulation,” said Roy Williams, a resident of Scott County and opponent of the expansion.

No decision was made during Wednesday’s meeting.

The state is expected to announce its decision after the month-long public comment period ends on January 19th.

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