People Make Pilgrimage For One Last Hike With A Beloved Berea Dog

If you’ve climbed the Indian Fort Theatre Trails in Berea, you probably know Tillie.

She’s a 13-year-old border collie mix who tags along with hikers as they climb the trails, which is something she’s been doing since her owners found her in 2003.

Tillie climbs to the top of the hill around 10 times a day according to her owners, Ron and Bhana Deaver. They said she will sit in the parking lot of the Indian Fort Theatre Trail and wait for someone to come to hike.

So hikers will know she’s not a stray, they put a tag on her collar with the words:

My name is Tillie.

I am not a stray.

I live next door.

Let’s go for a hike.

Recently, Tillie stopped making as many trips with hikers because of a growth inside her bladder that a veterinarian said is too large to be removed.

The Deaver’s are keeping Tillie’s fans updated on her Facebook Page.

Dozens of people are taking a trip to Indian Fort Theatre Trails to make one last hike with Tillie. They said it means a lot to be able to see her again and that they’re going to miss her.

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