People in Bath County still dealing with high water

BATH COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- Clean-up continues for people in Bath County after Sunday’s flash flooding damaged dozens of homes.

As the folks in Bath County continue to deal with high water and flood damage, many of them are now looking at this weekend and wondering if the remnants from Hurricane Florence will cause even more flooding to this already devastated area.

“If you notice out through there the tops of the soy beans they’re mud covered so this just looked like a muddy ocean,” said Debbie Wilson Nesselhauf, who’s daughter’s property was damaged in the flood.

Wilson Nesselhauf is trying to help her daughter clean up her place after it flooded last weekend.

“There was about four feet of water if you measure up to see where the mud line goes to,” said Wilson Nesselhauf.

Luckily for Wilson Nesselhauf, her daughter’s house didn’t flood but with the potential of more rain from the remnants of Hurricane Florence this weekend she says they’re not taking any chances.

“Yes, we talked about that and that we need to make sure her lawn furniture, what we can salvage of it from this we can take to my house where it doesn’t flood to prepare for it,” said Wilson Nesselhauf.

While the specific path of the hurricane and its effect on Kentucky is still too far away to predict many people here in salt lick are worried.

“Yes we are. I mean we’re trying to get everything cleaned up. Just hope it don’t. I don’t know what we could do. You can’t stop mother nature,” said Timmy Dickerson who’s house was damaged in the flood.

A sentiment Wilson Nesselhauf shares.

“I don’t know if you can ever adequately prepare for a major flood but you just do the best you can,” said Wilson Nesselhauf.

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