Pending bills in Congress could change how Kentuckians vote

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – There are currently two pending bills in Congress that could change the way we vote in Kentucky. The “For the People Act” and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act”

The Kentucky Law passed earlier this year on a bi-partisan basis imposed a few rules such as 3 days of early voting and an online portal for absentee ballot requests.

According to Josh Douglas, a Professor of Law at the University of Kentucky, the federal “For The People Act” would go much further in requiring more early voting, and no excuse for absentee balloting.

“We would have a much more inclusive much more expansive voting system that is still secure so that it would take the things that we did during the pandemic that nation-wide were looked at a positive step forward that was done in a bi-partisan fashion and require Kentucky to go further,” says Douglas.

Yesterday, Kentucky secretary of state Michael Adams testified in a congressional committee, telling members to allow states to remain in control of their own election process.

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