Parts Of I-75 Closed In Madison County Due To Chemical Spill

Officials have determined the chemical that spilled from a tanker trailer onto I-75 Tuesday morning.

The compound, known as Iron(III) chloride or Ferric chloride, is used primarily to remove impurities in water and in sewage treatment.

Troopers have warned that the chemical is hazardous to inhale and fire crews are cautioning everyone to stay at least 150 feet away.

In the meantime, the officer who pulled the truck over after receiving notice it was leaking has been taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

Hazmat crews are currently working to clear the scene, but it’s still unclear as to when interstate traffic between Exit 90 and Exit 97 will reopen.

I-75 northbound is closed at exit 90 northbound. Northbound interstate traffic is being diverted to US 25 to KY 627.

I-75 southbound is closed at exit 97. Southbound interstate traffic is being diverted onto US 25 to KY 627. Southbound traffic is being diverted back onto I-75 south at exit 95.

Motorists are urged to avoid the area if possible and to use caution due to emergency personnel on scene.

Officials are not sure how long the leak had been going on or what type of chemical was spilled onto the roadway.

The cause of the leak is still being investigated.

Emergency Management is asking residents in the Madison Village, Lexington Heights and Clay Lane Estates subdivisions to avoid traveling. They’re encouraging everyone in the area to stay inside with their windows and doors closed, and listen to their local radio stations for further instructions. The agency stresses these actions are recommended as a precaution. There is no immediate danger.

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