Partnerships providing Floyd County students innovation, ‘pathways’

FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – A partnership with a local business is providing opportunity and dividends for the Floyd County School District and its students.

Superintendent Danny Adkins provided a update Thursday on the partnership with Mountain Enterprises through the School of Innovation.

“If you look on the Facebook page for Mountain Enterprises, it mentions they make asphalt,pave and construct highways and serve Eastern Kentucky, but we believe that yesterday truly highlighted one of the major ways they are serving Eastern Kentucky,” Adkins said.

Floyd County Schools and Mountain Enterprises are partnering to provide instruction,
training and the prospect for certifications for students enrolled in the heavy equipment pathway at the new Floyd County School of Innovation.

“We are excited to have Mountain Enterprises join us in offering another amazing opportunity for all students. In fact, we are the only school district that Mountain Enterprises partners with and we are the only school district in Easter Kentucky offering an opportunity like this,” Adkins explained.

“Our business is educating kids and we want to make sure that if kids want to go the college route, the vocational school route or the job route, that we prepare them to continue on their paths to success. Through this partnership, we have 31 students enrolled
this year in our heavy equipment pathway. These students will take classes and use simulators at the School of Innovation under Bobby Isaac and will also take classes, use simulators and demonstrate competency at Mountain Enterprises in their lab and in their classroom lot,” the superintendet continued.

Students have to meet a required number of hours to train on the simulators and machines and must pass assessments must pass. Upperclassmen in the program this year will graduate graduate with certification in one and possibly two pieces of equipment while underclassmen could obtain certification for four different types equipment.

The program has simulators for a dozer and an excavator and they have the wheel loader and the backhoe at Mountain Enterprises.

Upon receiving certification, students’ names are entered into the National Center for
Construction Education and Research database enabling employers nationwide to see what certifications they have obtained.

“We’re excited to be part of this opportunity for our students and we are always looking for more ways to meet the needs of our kids and our community. We want to help students who want to graduate, get a good job and stay here in Eastern Kentucky and with partners like Mountain Enterprises, we believe we can make that available and that we are having an impact on changing our region,” Adkins said.

“The fact that we were able to complete this partnership and the School of Innovation during a pandemic is just amazing. It’s exciting because the kids can even begin the process online. As a board, we had discussed wanting to improve or expand our CTE [Career and Technical Education] programs to make sure that our students in all of the high schools had access to this type of pathway,” added Floyd County Board of Education Chairperson Sherry Robinson.

“As soon as they graduate high school they could move right into the workforce.”

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