Paris police hearing continued until Wednesday

PARIS, Ky. (WTVQ) – People in Paris want to know if five officers will keep their jobs. They’re accused of violating department policy.

The first day of the disciplinary hearing was Monday and lasted all day. The hearing is in recess until Wednesday.

Lt. Jon Luke Humphries, Lt. Robert Puckett, and officers James Primm, Kevin Anderson and Abdullah Bholat are accused of conduct unbecoming an officer, failure to conform to rules and regulations, insubordination, inefficiency, and dereliction of duty.

They’ve been on unpaid suspension for the past two weeks. A sixth officer already resigned.

The Paris Police Chief says they spent too much time in the dispatch center while on duty. He wants the officers fired.

Chief Rob Williams started an internal investigation in December 2015 after he received a complaint from a dispatcher that several officers were spending a lot of extra time hanging around the dispatch center, while on duty.

At the hearing, Chief Williams said officers are allowed to be in dispatch to fill out paperwork or take a lunch break but are not supposed to be there for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Chief Williams shared video of what he said is evidence of the excessive amount of hours these officers were in Dispatch, over several weeks.

Williams claims the officers were told several times to limit their time in dispatch.

An attorney for the officers says the officers are being targeted for not complying with the shift changes, from ten to 12 hours. In the hearing, the Chief responded, saying the shift change is entirely voluntary.

The attorney for the officers noted that all calls were responded to during the three months the Chief claims they were spending too much time in dispatch.

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