Some parents and students upset over school safety meeting

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A meeting in Lexington was supposed to be about school safety, but angry students and parents wanted to talk about something else that happened Thursday.

“Superintendent Caulk didn’t even acknowledge today at the beginning of this meeting what happened,” said Alexandra Pallos, a mother of two Henry Clay High School students.

Pallos is talking about a student who brought a loaded gun to Henry Clay. It was something she thought would be the first order of business at the school safety meeting.

“It just is mind-boggling to me that they couldn’t be flexible and pivot and say, in light of what has happened this month and even today in our own district, we’re going to pivot and maybe do things a bit differently,” said Pallos.

Instead, the administration continued with it’s original plan, and wouldn’t allow members of the public to speak.

One student says she went to the meeting to tell the district they need to work on communication during events like the one at Henry Clay.

“There was just so many things happening,” said Emanuelle Sippy, a student at Henry Clay. “Not really sure what was rumors and what wasn’t ans so it would’ve been great to have some communication with the administrators, that were really trying to take care of it, with the teachers and down to the students, because the fear of not knowing is tremendous.”

Communication is something Superintendent Manny Caulk says the district is improving. It will be launching an app in the coming weeks that will have a constant feed of information concerning safety.

During the meeting, the Safety Advisory Council talked about the best practices for school safety. Some suggestions were to bring more counselors in the schools, improve relationships between students and teachers, and to make sure to treat everyone equally.

“The safety of a child when they go to school shouldn’t depend on the community they live in, the school they attend,” said Superintendent Caulk. “Every child deserves to learn in a safe environment.”

Superintendent Caulk told parents and students they can work on scheduling a meeting later on to talk about their concerns.


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