Parents concerned after gun accidentally fires at Lexington high school

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Parents are concerned about safety after police say a student accidentally fired a gun in class at Frederick Douglass High School, shooting himself in the hand.

Parents’ main concern is how a gun got in the school in the first place, and what can be done to keep it from happening again.

Many say they want those metal detectors in place as soon as possible.

For parents we talked to, getting a phone call saying there has been a shooting at their kids’ school, even though it was accidental, is scary.

They say even though the school says the threat was removed, they worry one incident could spark another.

After today’s incident, the principal says between 30 and 40 percent of the school population left.

Those are excused absences, but for some parents, taking their kids out of school for one day isn’t enough. Some say they don’t want their kids back at school at all until something changes.

“I’m fixing to pull my son out of school and hes a senior,” said Rhonda Lawson. “He graduates this year, but his life is not worth it to me, and we’ve got to stand up for our kids. Things have to change. It’s not worth their lives and I’m over it.”

Parents say they’re tired of hearing about gun-related incidents in schools everywhere, and to have three in just two weeks in their district is too much.

That’s why they’re pushing for something to be done. Whether that’s random searches, metal detectors, or more law enforcement in the schools.

The district says the budget is tight, but parents think if the school really cares about its students, the board will find a way to improve safety.

“It always comes down to money,” said Jack Roberts, father of a student at Frederick Douglass. “Well, if we’re serious about security, we can find the money because after 911, we didn’t have a TSA, but we found the money for that. So, we can find the money to keep our kids safe at school.”

One parent we talked to off camera says he doesn’t think it’s entirely the school system’s fault, and he is glad they’re working to improve safety. He says he thinks parents need to take some of that blame, explaining kids shouldn’t have guns in the first place.

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