Attempted abduction case still being investigated

Update December 17, 2015

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- According to the Lexington Police original reports indicated that in the first attempted abduction case they were looking for a red truck. After further investigation it has been determined that a vehicle was not used. Police say they are no longer looking for a red truck. Police are still investigating all leads and are patrolling the area.

December 16, 2015

Jessie Clark Middle School says two of its middle schoolers have nearly been abducted while heading to the bus stop before school.

Police say the two instances aren’t related but parents are still concerned. On a normal day parents, guardians and in some cases, siblings, wait along Delzan and Clays Mill for their students.

“It’s definitely scary,” says Haley Chambers, picking up her 6th grade sibling. A nearby mother chimed in, “very shocked, very shocked.”

The school and police say, on consecutive mornings, someone’s tried to kidnap students. Both cases were reported near Southview and Lamont Drive. Both cases ended with students, getting away unharmed. While that ending is happy, the close calls have robbed Jessie Clark parents and siblings of their peace of mind.

“I know sometimes I’m late picking up my son and if he’s not out here, I don’t know where he’s at and I get nervous, so yea,” says one mother.

“You know, it’s what cars are next to me, who’s next to me, it’s which kids are coming from where. It’s definitely being more observant,” says Chambers.

The experience will also spur tough conversations in the future.

“You know I feel like they have a pretty good grasp on it but there will probably be a definite new conversation in the future,” says Chambers.

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