Pandemic year in review with UK HealthCare worker

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – When COVID-19 hit the community, it was unknown territory for us all.

“This time last year there was a lot of unknowns,” Bourland said.

Registered nurse Luke Bourland works at UK HealthCare. He said it was a learning process.

“Coming to now and present day, we’ve learned so much. We’ve learned how the virus is transmitted, we know how to protect our staff, protect patients. So it’s been a big change,” Bourland said.

Change, in every department of the hospital. Bourland is in the emergency department.

“The first thing we do, we’re screening for COVID,” Bourland said. “Which we have certain areas in the emergency department that patients go to if they screen positive for COVID symptoms or if they screen negative.”

Bourland said at the beginning there was a lot of anxiety with patients, no one knew what to expect.

He said now that the vaccine is out there, people are starting to feel more at peace.

“The vaccine has really brought a calmness. With people with patients even, they’ll ask us about it and it’s really given us that glimmer of hope that we needed,” Bourland said.

And for those who are unsure on whether or not to get their dose, “I would highly encourage people if you are anxious, reach out to your doctors, reach out to your pharmacists, reach out to your physician assistants and nurse practitioners,” Bourland said. “Gain information on it because it is definitely something that can help protect you and help protect other people as well.”

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