Owner of American Pharoah named in gambling debt lawsuit

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Triple Crown hopeful American Pharoah’s owner Ahmed Zayat is fighting a lawsuit that accuses him of owing $1.65 million to a man who says he fronted him money for gambling bets placed at offshore casinos.

The federal breach of contract lawsuit was filed in March 2014 by Howard Rubinsky of Florida. It says that in 2003, Rubinsky and Zayat entered into a personal services contract. Rubinsky says he advanced Zayat credit at a couple casinos.

He said by the end of 2005, Zayat owed him $2 million. Some had since been repaid, but Rubinsky says Zayat still owes him $1.65 million.

Zayat told The Associated Press early Thursday that the lawsuit is a scam by a criminal. He and his attorneys have asked that the New Jersey federal judge dismiss the case.

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