OWL Golf Outing (Live Segment – 2)

It all starts with people. Individuals come to OWL (Opportunity for Work and Learning)  facing a variety of barriers. They are part of forgotten or disenfranchised populations in the workforce, such as those with mental and physical disabilities or those that are returning to the workforce after being incarcerated. They most often come to OWL through one of our referral sources.

Through comprehensive and individualized programming, we assist our program participants in meeting their vocational and personal goals with three main divisions. First, the OWL Center offers vocational and employment services such as skills training and job placement. Second is our Advancing Capabilities & Enhancing Skills (ACES) division where we offer a variety of Medicaid waiver services that facilitate inclusion and personal development. Lastly, OWL owns and operates a manufacturing company, the Lexington Manufacturing Center (LMC), which by offering quality manufacturing services is able to assist the other divisions financially as well as serve as a training ground for participants when appropriate- allowing them to earn income, receive real-world skills training, and gain work experience.

The drive for meaningful results is why we do what we do. Essentially, OWL assists the community in three main ways. First, by providing the resources and giving the second chances that create sustainable opportunities for some of the community’s most disenfranchised populations- improving livelihoods for these individuals and their families. Second, by equipping the community with a trained and skilled workforce and lastly, In LMC’s ability to provide high-quality manufacturing services to community businesses and industries.


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