Overnight Workers Burn Midnight Oil in Lexington

LEXINGTON, ky. (WTVQ) – While you were getting some sleep last night some of your neighbors were burning the midnight oil at work. For many it may not be the most ideal employment. Some folks shared their thoughts with ABC36 about the pros and cons of working overnights.

 “A lot of times, third shift people are forgotten about, "said Bryant Jones.

From gas station clerks, to factory workers and various food services, there are a number of jobs that are done in the dead of night.

"It’s quiet. Very quiet. You have to be motivated to stay alert when there isn’t a lot to keep you alert," he adds.

Jones has worked third shift at the Fayette County District Court for thirteen years.

“You don’t have supervisors over you all the time,” Jones shared about the benefits." We live in a life now that is 24/7 and if you have to have it done we’re here to do it".

Both Jones and his wife work the graveyard shift. He says it does impact his social life and any business that to be done during regular hours.

"A lot of times you have to take care of everyday life things during the day time when you should be sleeping but you got to take care of bills, groceries and all that type of stuff,” he adds.

 Emergency professionals are mostly visible in the field overnight. Doctor Ryan Stanton has been an E.R. doctor for a decade.

"In terms of night shift , I’ve done solely night shift for about two years," he said.

He says the shift works better for his schedule and understands the hardships that others may face.

"Having a family, there’s still a lot of interest in having a day life".

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