Overnight shootings have neighbors fearful to be in their own homes

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- It was a frightening night for several families in Lexington as three separate shootings left three homes riddled with bullets.

No one was hurt.

First, 11 p.m., police say someone fired shots at a home on Hanna Place near Richmond Road with people home at the time.

The bullets also hit two cars.

Midnight, someone shot at a house on Hollow Creek Road near Russell Cave Road.

Police say the homeowner and several children were there.

No one was home when someone hit a house at two a.m. on Konner Woods Drive near Georgetown Road.

While luckily no one was injured in any of these three shootings neighbors say it’s still terrifying to think that you’re not even safe inside your own home.

“Especially while I’m sleeping, if somebody is shooting into my house you know it’s really put me on edge,” said Nathaniel Mason who lives off Hanna Place.

Mason says he just moved to Lexington from California a few months ago and can’t believe the amount of crime he’s seen.

“You don’t get too much action in California like this you know, especially the times we get it. I mean you get it but it’s not like, you know we don’t know about it. It seems like everything that happens in Lexington everybody knows about,” said Mason.

Mason was just one of dozens of families nearby a home that was shot up off Hanna Place Sunday night and says it really has him questioning staying in the bluegrass.

“Lexington itself don’t seem like its a bad area but you know you have certain people who you know make the wrong decisions and I don’t know if that has anything to do with parents or whatever but it makes me want to move,” said Mason.

Mason says he doesn’t want to move but will have no other choice if things don’t change.

“I’m thinking that it’s a great place but the activity that’s been going on lately is really making me feel uncomfortable,” said Mason.

While there doesn’t seem to be a simple solution to this problem, neighbors tell me they hope that the community can come together and try and figure out some way to stop this gun violence.

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