One dead in overnight trailer home fire

ROWAN COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- One person is dead after an overnight fire at a trailer park in Rowan County.

State police say the fire started just around one this morning.

Neighbors who witnessed the fire say it came without warning.

They say they saw a huge explosion come out the front windows and then saw a young woman jump out of these back windows just escaping the flames that engulfed the entire trailer seconds later.

Neighbors say a man was also inside, but didn’t make it out in time.

Neighbors say the fire was terrifying, igniting the entire home in an instant.

Neighbors say they believe the victim was the man that lived in the trailer and the young woman who escaped, his fiance.

Neighbors say they believe the couple had just recently gotten engaged and the fiance is pregnant.

“I really feel bad for our neighbors. I can’t, I don’t know how to express you know how bad it must be to lose someone like that,” said Hobert Holbrook, a neighbor.

Law enforcement officials are still investigating the cause of the flames.

They do not believe there was any foul play.

Neighbors say this is the second trailer fire they’ve had in the area in just the past few months but say this one was unlike any they’d ever seen.

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