Olympic Silver Medalist Tyson Gay Greets Fans At Keeneland

Keeneland welcomed home one of Lexington’s most accomplished racers, but it’s not a horse. 

Tyson Gay won a silver medal at the summer Olympics in London.  He’s the second fastest man in history.  He looked forward to meeting his local fans who help to encourage him. 

"I don’t get home a lot, so for me to meet the people who appreciate what I do,  just for people to really recognize what I do, and respect what I do it means a lot.  If I can give back to my fans, I’d do it a million times," said Gay.

Recently Gay donated money for a new track at his alma mater, Lafayette High School, and he’s making kids from all over the area want to race. 

"He’s actually my inspiration to run track again, and he’s my favorite runner.  It’s an inspiration to know that someone as good as Tyson Gay is from Kentucky not too far away from where I live, and it means a lot to have someone like him from down the road," said Jared Sylvia from Richmond. 

When you’ve got an Olympic sprinter and race horses in the same place, inevitably the question comes: Who would win?

"I don’t think nobody’s gonna beat a horse, not any of these horses," said Gay.

At 30, Gay is old in the track world, but he still wants to run in another Olympics in four years, and beat the Jamaicans.

"They say they eat yams.  I don’t eat yams.  I’m getting older so maybe I should look into it."

Gay says his health will ultimately determine if he can make it to Brazil in 2016. 

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