‘Old Town’ reacts to absence of Spoonbread Festival in 2016

BEREA, Ky. (WTVQ)- One business owner in the ‘Old Town’ area of Berea calls it dead. He says it’ll be even worse now that the annual Spoonbread Festival is canceled.

That news came down late Thursday afternoon. The Berea Chamber of Commerce attributed the decision to “safety concerns” after it says an agreement couldn’t be reached regarding the banning of the Confederate Flag.

Last year, the festival drew a crowd of 60,000 to Berea.

“People coming here to visit our city, spending probably $600-700,000 in that weekend,” says Robert Johnson, who goes by the nickname, “Peanut”.

Johnson has operated businesses in ‘Old Town’, the portion of Berea where the festival is held, since before it came around.

“It makes you feel bad that you’ve tried and worked 20 years to get it built up,” says Johnson.

At Memorial Park, across from Johnson’s business, Katie McClain sat. She says it’s unfortunate an agreement couldn’t have been made to salvage the festival.


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