Ohio voting on marijuana legalization Tuesday

OHIO (WTVQ) – Ohio residents will vote on marijuana legalization Tuesday.

This is the first time voters in a state election will decide whether to approve recreational and medical marijuana at the same time.  Under the measure, residents would be able to grow their own four plants for personal consumption.  Commercial marijuana cultivation would be allowed on ten farms.  The plots for cultivation are specifically identified in the ballot item by exact location and acreage.  “NORML,” a pro-legalization organization, says the 10-farm system would limit production, which would not benefit the consumer.

Also on the ballot, a measure asking voters not to approve the marijuana legalization item.  According to NORML, if voters approve both measures, the courts will probably decide which one takes precedence.  Ohio would be the fifth state to legalize recreational marijuana after Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.  About two dozen states allow medical marijuana.

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