Off-duty firefighter helps teenagers in wreck

FRANKLIN, Co. (WTVQ) – An off-duty Lexington firefighter says he was just doing his job but he’s credited with saving a teenager girl’s life this weekend after a crash in Franklin County.

Jason Stowe says he had just finished a 24-hour shift at the Lexington Fire Department and was driving home Saturday morning when he came up on a car accident along I-64. Two teenagers were hurt in the wreck.

Stowe says his instincts kicked in and he started helping, using a bungee cord from another vehicle to make a tourniquet to stop one of the girl’s bleeding.

Ambulances arrived minutes later and she was flown to the hospital.

The Franklin County Sheriff says Stowe saved the girl’s life and he’s a hero but Stowe says he was just at the right place at the right time.

“All first responders whether firefighters or EMT or police officers, whether we’re on the clock or not, our duty is to help people,” said Stowe. “You don’t just go home and turn it off.”
The sheriff says both girls are going to be OK.

ABC 36 is told one of their moms is hoping to arrange a meeting with Stowe and the girls later this week.

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