Number of kids dying in hot cars up this year

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)-Lexington resident Conni Lowe is fed up.

Lowe says, “It keeps happening.”

She’s fed up because kids are still being left alone in hot cars.

Lowe says, “Some people say, ‘I’m a great mother. I’m a great mother. I’m perfect. I’m a great mother. I couldn’t forget my child.’ But, oh yes you can.”

Lowe lost her 5 1/2-month-old grand-daughter Holly Judy six years ago. Police say the child’s mother left her in the car while running errands. Lowe and her son, who was serving in the army in Alaska at the time, didn’t even know about the child till they were invited to her funeral.

“Holly died. But if I can make an impact in any way that can prevent it from happening to any child than that’s my mission.”

According to “Kids And Cars”, in the US eleven children have died from heat-stroke after being left in hot cars this year, compared to only four last year.

Captain Chris Bartley with the Lexington Fire Department says, “It is surprising. We’re kind of early in the year…I think is more what we see here, and that’s a big issue.”

Cars can heat up fast. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration temperatures can reach deadly levels in just 10 minutes on an average 80 degree day even with the windows rolled down two inches.

Baby Holly was left in the car for just over an hour.

Captain Bartley says, “Time is of the essence here. Typical 80 degree day the temperature rises 123-125 degrees inside the car in about 60 minutes, and the temperature of the child also rises rapidly as well.”

If you see a child in a hot car, call 911, and if they look like they’re in bad shape take action and break the window furthest away from the child. Lowe recommends keeping a life-hammer in your car.

She says, “Carry it in any car you’re in. give it to friends as gifts even…because seconds count and you want to make sure that you save the child.”

Experts also say to buckle in a stuffed animal in the front seat and leave your purse or briefcase in the backseat to remind you there’s a baby on board.

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