Nicholasville Wildlife Rescue raises funding through “Wolf Selfie”

Wolf Run

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky (WTVQ)- Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge is known for being a safe place for wolves and other wildlife, when they have no place to go. Unfortunately, the refuge closed its’ doors to the public a few years ago after organizers realized the animals would get skittish around groups of people.
But that hasn’t stopped their cause.

“We wanna educate everybody on the importance of these animals being in society, but also the importance of them not being a pet,” said staffer Daron Lockard. “We can only rescue so many animals. We only have so much land, so much resources.”

Resources that Lockard says are needed to care for the 20 wolves, wolf dogs, and other wildlife that call the refuge home.
He says takes a lot of money.

“Funds get tight sometimes,” Lockard said.

One solution is going into the community for funding. One creative way the non-profit has come up with is called “Wolf Selfie” events. It gives families a chance to come in, see the animals, and take pictures, while also donating to the refuge.

“All the proceeds go to feeding these guys and medical bills, and taking care of these guys,” Lockard said.

On Sunday, the refuge held a selfie event at a local business. Money from the selfie event will go towards new fencing for the refuge’s newest edition, Charm.

“Charm is a new animal that we brought in and she’s gonna start doing a little bit of educational programs like Nayelli. She gonna work towards doing that,” said Lockard.

A creative way to not only raise funds for wolves in need but expand the refuge’s educational aspect as well.

If you are wanting to donate to the refuge, click here. 


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