Nicholasville prepares for re-opening

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ)- The City of Nicholasville has announced it’s plan of “COVID19 Task Force to ReOpen Our Community.”

The City says it’s implemented strong social distancing measures over the past month as businesses have complied with state guidelines.

“Because our community took COVID-19 seriously from the beginning and made the necessary sacrifices, we have been very fortunate in the relatively low number of positive cases and deaths reported here in Jessamine County with 32 confirmed cases as of today,” said Mayor Pete Sutherland.

The mayor emphasized that while the City Commission is forming this Task Force to begin planning and preparing for reopening our businesses, Nicholasville will not act in a way that puts at risk the gains they have made.

The Task Force will create seven to 10 working groups based on various economic and social sectors that may change depending on the need:

1)    Manufacturing, large businesses and construction

2)    Small businesses – restaurants, bars, food trucks, barbers, hair stylists, etc)

3)    Small businesses – retail sales, administrative (tax, legal, architecture, etc)

4)    Medical – hospital, nursing homes, long term care & medical offices

5)    Tourism / Parks and Recreation – hotels, sports facilities, gyms, parks

6)    Faith & Non-profits – churches, charities and non-profit organizations

7)    Education – all schools – public and private.

The City says it expects the reopening process to be gradual and phased.  It will require close monitoring by the county’s health department and that businesses comply with the recommendations provided.

Information about the City of Nicholasville can be found on their website at

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