Nicholasville Police ask for help finding stolen Christmas decorations

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – Stealing is one thing, but it’s another thing to steal from a child.

In Nicholasville, someone took Christmas decorations, leaving a child in tears.

Last week, in front of a house on Foxwood Drive, you could find two inflatable Christmas decorations: a snowman, and a dog dressed in Christmas clothing, that a 4-year-old so lovingly named Luna Cupcake.

Wednesday morning, little Kaylee Smith woke up, and something was wrong.

“They were gone,” said Kaylee.

Her family told ABC 36, she was devastated.

For a child, it can be hard to understand  why someone would take things that belong to someone else.

That’s why the Smith family is thanking Nicholasville Police Officer Adam Teater.

“He sat down with her at her level,” said Kaylee’s mom, Julie Smith. “He explained to her that some people do bad things.”

Kaylee says Officer Teater made a promise with her.

“He said he’d tell all the police officers to go find Luna Cupcake,” said Kaylee.

But, while officers are looking for the decorations, Kaylee says someone reached out to help.

“Our friend across the street, she bought us new ones,” said Kaylee.

I caught up with neighbor Amy Thornberry. When she heard about how upset Kaylee was over the theft, she knew what she had to do.

“A 4-year-old kid should not be sad because her Christmas inflatables got stolen,” said Thornberry. “Like, that’s not something you want for a 4-year-old. so, it was a complete no brainer that I had to do something to bring the joy back to her.”

Smith says even though the decorations have been replaced, she still wants the original ones back.

“If they honestly brought them back and just set them in the yard and left, I would hollar ‘thank you’ for showing my little girl, ‘okay, I did wrong, but we’re going to make it right,'” said Smith.

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