Nicholasville couple conquers and overcomes addiction together

This Valentines Day, a married couple is looking back on how they got together, by bonding over their substance addiction


LEXINGTON, K y. (WTVQ) – Husband and wife Katelyn and David Prather have both struggled to give up a habit once and for all, but with the help of and love for each other, the couple overcame their addictions, hand and hand.

“I feel like Katelyn is definitely my person, shes strong in ways in which I’m otherwise weak or don’t have any interest in,” says David Prather.

David says his parents both suffered from alcoholism and drug abuse.

“I grew up in the lifestyle I lived myself as an adult. I was in boys homes, juvenile detentions and eventually I was locked up,” recalls David.

According to Katelyn, she grew up in a very different upbringing.  Her parents both worked 40 hours a week, attending church on Sundays.  But things changed when Katelyn started hanging around the wrong crowd and started using heroin when she was 16.  It wasn’t until years later that something brought Katelyn and David together, a tattoo.

“Absolutely I knew it was love at first site, I told him as soon as I saw him I was like… I knew,” says Katelyn.

“I thought she was the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen in my life. It wasn’t just her looks it was like a light,” says David.

Pretty quickly, David and Katelyn discovered they had an alcohol addiction in common, at the time Katelyn was sober.  Following the blossoming of a relationship, she relapsed. Two months later, she overdosed for the 7th and last time.

“I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired,” recalls Katelyn.

“She decided she was going to clean up and go to rehab again and get sober again and I wasn’t ready to start drinking,” admits David.

Katelyn stayed sober, landing a job at Isiah House for Women.  While getting her life in order, she was keeping in contact with David who was still giving into old habits
Then one day, David says something clicked inside him.

“Just watching her grow in her sobriety and just all the wonderful things that she was doing. And just watching how much better her life got. It kinda rubbed off on me and I wanted the same thing for myself,” says David.

David followed Katelyn into Isiah House. From there, he stayed clean and on June of 2021, the two tied the knot.  While their love story sounds unconventional, the Prathers believe the two of them are living proof that people can fall in love in the most unexpected places and circumstances.

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