Nicholasville-based laboratory ships medical equipment to India

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – Solaris Diagnostics, a clinical laboratory in Nicholasville, has sent 1,000 donated oxygen concentrators, worth over $700,000 dollars, to India.

As India faces a second wave of COVID-19 cases, these oxygen concentrators will provide life-saving relief to millions of patients. The supplies began arriving overseas this week and have aided three Indian organizations: Office of District Collector and Magistrate, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan KhalsaAid India and Sewa International.

India has reported more than 348,000 new cases and over 4,200 deaths daily. One attributing factor has been the country’s shortage in beds and oxygen supplies.

“We heard that as our oxygenators were being dispersed to CMC hospitals in District of Hanumangarh, hospitals ran out of oxygen supply and were turning patients away. The shipment of oxygen concentrators provided relief to hundreds of patients waiting outside the hospital, saving lives,” said Dr. Preetpal S. Sidhu, PhD, NRCC, CEO at Solaris Diagnostics. “I heard directly from the family member whose elderly mother was discharged from hospital with 70% oxygen level and no chance of survival. She ultimately fought back with the help of one of the donated oxygen concentrators. I am overwhelmed with the positive stories pouring through my social media accounts. This is why we’re doing this.”

Solaris was one of the first testing sites in Kentucky, starting tests in early March 2020. As of now, the lab has performed more than 3.5 million COVID-19 tests, accounting for 40% of the state’s COVID testing. At their peak, Solaris conducted 44,000 COVID-19 samples in one day and averaged 30,000 daily tests. Across the nation, the lab served thousands of long-term health care centers, hospitals, and medical facilities.

John Drury, Chief Operating Officer at Solaris Diagnostics, said, “Our laboratory has continued to evolve during this pandemic to ensure the speed and continued operability of our COVID-19 operations in the foreseeable future.”

“We’re prepared to serve our global citizens in the face of any pandemic or medical crisis,” said Cole Aebersold, Chief Marketing Officer at Solaris Diagnostics. “Solaris will continue to be a testing resource for patients and health care providers locally and nationally.”


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