New Way To Treat Heroin Overdoses In The Works

Deaths from heroin in Kentucky have been on the rise for years, what may be changing soon is the common practice for administering the treatment for opiod overdoses.

Naloxone, the standard treatment for heroin overdoses, must currently be injected by a needle.  Testing of a nasal spray of the drug will wrap up Friday.

After five years of research, the drug has a fast-track designation by the FDA.  The drug’s developer, Daniel Wermeling, a pharmacy professor at the University of Kentucky said he’s been working on the research for five years.

After Friday’s final test the FDA has said they will make a decision within six months of whether the FDA can approve the treatment. 

It could be available commercially by this time in 2015.

Just like the current treatment, the new form of the drug would have to be prescribed by a medical professional.

Wermeling said he started the research because it hit close to home.  He said his goal was to make the drug more accessible and easier.

In 2013 there were 230 deaths from heroine overdoses in Kentucky.  That’s an increase of more than 60 percent from 2012.

The research was paid for by a $3 million grand from the National Institute of Drug Abuse.  In addition, the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation was supportive. 

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