New service tax to go in effect Sunday

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Sales tax is being added to several services you are not used to paying taxes on at all.

On Sunday, July 1, some day-to-day activities, like tanning or going to the gym, will be more expensive. Services you pay for will be getting an added 6 percent tax, due to a new law passed by legislature.

Services like dog grooming, landscaping, and fitness and recreational sports centers will be impacted by the tax.

Susan Kelch-Dyson owns a pet grooming service, Sue’s Precious Pet Grooming. She started in New Jersey, where she says a sales tax on her service was already in effect.

“It was nice not having it here and everything,” said Kelch-Dyson. It’s just an extra revenue for the state to get.”

Kelch-Dyson says her customers’ reactions haven’t been the best, and for her, it’s hard coming to terms with having to charge them more.

“It makes it harder on the small groomers,” said Kelch-Dyson. “A lot of my customers, they come in and they see the sign and they say ‘Aw, you’re starting to have to collect sales tax,’ and it’s like ‘Yeah, sorry about that,’ because that’s extra out of their pockets too.”

Amy Sills owns Bella Bronze, a tanning salon. Her service is also included in the new tax law. Sills says she will see how her customers react to the price increase and go from there, explaining if it affects them a lot, she’ll lower her prices, incorporating tax into the set price. She says leading up to the tax application on Sunday, she is running a sale at Bella Bronze all day Saturday.

The money paid into the new service tax will be allocated to public education.

Below is a complete list of services to which the state’s 6 percent sales tax will be applied:

  1. Landscaping services, including but not limited to: lawn care and maintenance services; tree trimming, pruning, or removal services; landscape design and installation services; landscape care and maintenance services; and snow plowing or removal services.
  2. Janitorial services, including but not limited to residential and commercial cleaning services, and carpet, upholstery, and window-cleaning services.
  3. Small animal veterinary services, excluding veterinary services for equine, cattle, swine, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, flightless birds, buffalo, and hoofed animals like deer.
  4. Pet care services, including but not limited to grooming and boarding services, pet-sitting services, and pet obedience training services.
  5. Fitness and recreational sports centers.
  6. Golf courses and country clubs.
  7. Overnight trailer campgrounds.
  8. Bowling centers.
  9. Industrial laundry services, including but not limited to industrial uniform supply services, protective apparel supply services, and industrial mat and rug supply services.
  10. Non-coin-operated laundry and dry cleaning services.
  11. Linen supply services, including but not limited to table and bed linen supply services and non-industrial uniform supply services.
  12. Indoor skin tanning services, including but not limited to tanning booth or tanning bed services and spray-tanning services.
  13. Non-medical diet and weight-reducing services.
  14. Labor and services for certain repair, installation and maintenance of personal property, such as cars.
  15. Pollution-control facilities.
  16. Limousine services, if a driver is provided.
  17. Extended warranty services.
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