New Report: 18,000 Served Weekly By God’s Pantry Food Bank

We’re learning more about hunger in Kentucky.

God’s Pantry Food Bank just released its findings from the largest study on hunger in Central and Eastern Kentucky.

The report, done by God’s Pantry and Feeding America, found that God’s Pantry feeds 190,000 people a year.

The total reportedly included more than 50,000 kids and more than 33,000 seniors. 

The non-profit fed 18,000 people weekly.
“Hunger is all around us,” said Marian Guinn, CEO of God’s Pantry.  “It is often hidden but it is a disease that surrounds us.”
The report found that many people who were coming to food banks were choosing between paying for food and paying for utilities, transportation or medical care.
It also found that 43% of client households included someone with diabetes, and that more than half of households who need food are now using food banks as a regular food source.
God’s Pantry said it hoped the study will help it better understand the people it was serving and the best ways that food banks could help.

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