New posters hung up in downtown Lexington support immigrants

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – BelongLex and Kentucky Equal Justice Center partnered up to bring ‘immigrant-friendly’ posters to Lexington.

Volunteers met up downtown this morning to find businesses who were interested in supporting this project.

A Cup of Common Wealth is just one of the places that has a poster hanging up.

BelongLex organizer and Atomic Ramen owner Dan Wu said the posters are to bring awareness to the prevalence of immigration even here in Kentucky.

“I want to remind people that the immigration issue isn’t some abstract thing happening far away at our borders, that it’s a part of our story here in Lexington. Immigrants and refugees have always been a part of our community and they’re already people you know and love. They run a lot of these businesses that you know and love,” Wu said.

So far they have about 150 posters hung up.

Wu said his end goal is to have so many up that people can’t miss them if they’re walking around downtown.

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