New Lexington Mural Draws Complaints

In Lexington, you may see several new murals.  They’re privately funded as part of a street art project called PRHBTN (pronounced prohibition). 

A new one on Manchester St. stands 75×270 ft, and it’s bringing giant accusations. 

In the Distillery District artist MTO creates, while a controversy brews.

"I think it’s amazing talent on a grand scale," said John Winters, Co-founder of PRHBTN.

"For me, personally, I see gang signs," said NAACP member William Saunders.

Saunders said the mural looks just like somebody displaying the Crips’ sign.  Winters disagreed.

"The artist’s name is MTO.  The letters he’s making with his hands are M and O.  There will be a T in the middle of it.  It is in no way affiliated with anything gang related," said Winters.

Lexington Police agreed with him.  Commander Ken Armstrong said they’ve investigated and determined the mural is not gang related.  Armstrong also said there is no illegal activity, because private donors funded the project on private property. 

While a picture might say 1,000 words, Tom Kelly says it doesn’t help to sell plants.  He owns a nursery next to the mural.

"it’s right in our face.  It’s a de facto decoration of our business without our consent," said Kelly. 

The mural is part of PRHBTN, and prohibition is exactly what Kelly wants.  He wants the mural taken down. 

"This is here to stay," said Winters.

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