New exhibit opens this weekend at Shaker Village

BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – A new exhibit opens this weekend at the Shaker Village.

The public is invited to Pieces of Pleasant Hill, debuting this Saturday at 6:30 p.m. in the historic Centre Family Dwelling.

The exhibit highlights Shaker Village’s artifact and archival collection, and encourages visitors to think critically about what, and why, the items are collected.

Education and Engagement Manager Maggie McAdams will host the opening event.

Featuring more than 20 artifacts, this exhibit will help visitors piece together the Pleasant Hill story by not only exploring the objects left behind, but by considering why they matter. The Shakers called Pleasant Hill home for over a century, and their diverse individual experiences left a collection that is equally varied and diverse.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill was founded in 1961 to “collect, preserve, and display the records, artifacts, tools, and products of the Shaker community.” Today, Shaker Village actively maintains 34 historic structures, 25 miles of rock walls, 3,000 acres of original Shaker land, and over 7,000 objects and documents.

According to the Shaker’s blog on the exhibits, Shaker material culture, particularly Shaker furniture, is often the point of entry into the Shaker story for many visitors. Pieces of Shaker furniture were the first artifacts to be collected and studied by early 20th century Shaker scholars.

According to the blog, furniture was so heavily studied and written about that it became the focal point for discussions on the Shakers for much of the 20th century, much to the chagrin of Shaker Mildred Barker, who famously stated, “I almost expect to be remembered as a chair.”

This new exhibit features Shaker furniture along with additional artifacts from the collection to emphasize the importance of analyzing objects to understand their significance to the history of the community. By digging deeper into these artifacts, and uncovering the personal stories behind them, visitors can explore the dynamic nature of this community.

The exhibit will lead visitors through a series of questions that address the artifacts themselves and the scope of the collection as a whole. Guests will also be encouraged to get involved in the research process to uncover the individuals and stories behind the artifacts.

This project is supported with funding from the Kentucky Local History Trust Fund, a program administered by the Kentucky Historical Society.

Shaker Village is located on Highway 68 between Wilmore and Harrodsburg in Boyle County.

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