New evidence in gruesome Lexington murder case

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Lexington Police detective testified in a preliminary hearing Thursday that investigators have connected blood and DNA found in Paris Charles’ home to the dismemberment murder of his girlfriend, Goldia Massey.

Massey was reported missing in October 2014.  Investigators say her arm was found on the banks of the Kentucky River in Henry County, then her torso washed up in Jessamine County.

Investigators say cell phone records show Charles and Massey were together the night she reportedly went missing, and they say cell towers pinged Charles’ phone near the Kentucky River, where detectives believe he was dumping her body parts.

When detectives searched Charles’ home, they say they found Massey’s DNA.
The detective also testified that large amounts of blood were found in Charles’ home and that it appeared that walls and doors within the home had been painted over and in some areas cleaned.  The detective also said the carpet had been removed down to the sub floor in the entire living quarters.  Charles’ attorney claims the work in the home was all part of a remodeling project.   

According to investigators, every time Charles has been questioned by police, he claims to have dropped Massey off at her home the night she reportedly went missing.
Charles is still in jail without bond. His case was sent to a Fayette County Grand Jury.

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