New Details in Toddler’s Murder

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Police testimony during a preliminary trial in Fayette County District Court revealed new details into the investigation of a murdered toddler.

Adrian Dunn and Marquis Thurman, both 20, were arrested. They are charged with two counts of assault, robbery and murder.

Police accuse them of a December 5th shooting that killed Nova Gallman, 2, and injured Nova’s mom’s boyfriend and detectives now say the men were trying to buy drugs when they got into a fight.

One of the assault charges was dismissed because the prosecutors say it is covered by the murder charge.

According to testimony from Detective Steve McCown Nova’s mom, Sierra Green, told investigators she was in the bedroom with her boyfriend, Martinus Shamar Watts, and her daughter was asleep on the couch in the living room when there was a knock at the door.

Green told police Watts answered the door then came back to the bedroom, saying Dunn and Thurman wanted to hang out but he turned them away. A few moments later, Green said there was another rapid knock at the door then Thurman and Dunn demanded money, started fighting and pulled out revolver-style handguns.  She told police that Thurman was on the ground fighting with Watts while Dunn was standing up and that both men fired shots.

“She did not observe Mr. Watts with a fire arm at that time,” said Det. Steve McCown during court.

Detective McCown said Green knew both men and she recognized them by their faces and their voices.

Nova was shot in the head and Watts was shot multiple times in the abdomen. Both were rushed into surgery.  Nova died from her injuries.  McCown says Watts is paralyzed on his lower body and was moved to a Detroit-area hospital by his family.  Police say they have not had a chance to talk with Watts yet.

McCown said about three hours after the shooting; Dunn and Thurman arrived at Central Baptist Hospital. Both men had been shot.  Thurman was shot in the left upper hip and Dunn was shot in the right knee.

While being questioned by police, both men admitted that they got a ride to Kenton Street to buy marijuana from Watts. Both men denied having a gun to investigators and claim the other fired the shots.

Detectives talked with the two women in the car who drove Thurman and Dunn. They told police both men had revolver-style guns but returned to the car with a third gun, a semi-automatic handgun.  Police believe they stole this gun from Watts but later sold it to someone for $150.  Investigators believe that gun-buyer is now in Detroit.

Detectives recovered two bullets from the home on Kenton Street, one on the couch and another on the floor. They did not find any shell casings and are not sure how many total shots were fired inside the home , which guns the bullets came from or who fired the shots.  They also only have one gun in evidence of the three they believed were involved in this case.

McCown mentioned Dunn helped police find the one gun, a .38 style revolver.

Detective McCown said narcotics and drug paraphernalia were found in the house on Kenton Street during the execution of a search warrant but no money was found.

The judge sent the case to a grand jury. Both men are still in jail without bond.

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