New Circle Road to be sprayed for noxious weed treatment

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ/Press Release) – Drivers taking New Circle Road/KY 4 in Fayette County on Sunday, Sept. 23 should be aware of scheduled spraying operations for noxious, and nuisance weeds.

The treatment helps control the spread of undesirable plants along state highway right of way.

The Cabinet, in accordance with KRS 176.051, targets Johnson grass, giant foxtail, Canada thistle, nodding thistle, common teasel, multiflora rose, amur honeysuckle, poison hemlock, marestail, Japanese knotweed and kudzu. Left uncontrolled, noxious weeds can grow so large that they interfere with a driver’s line of vision on highways. They can also damage pavement and embankments and clog ditches, causing drainage problems.

Noxious weeds will typically invade and destroy the roadside turf grass, leaving the areas vulnerable to erosion. They can also smother native plants through rapid reproduction and long-term persistence.

From about 7 a.m. until 11 a.m., spraying will be in effect betwen Leestown Road/US 421 at milepoint 5.0 and Richmond Road at milepoint 15.0. The location is on the median of New Circle Road. The Outer Loop will be sprayed first, followed by the Inner Loop. The entire distance cannot be sprayed in one passing operation.

A crash barrier with an arrow board will be in place to alert drivers to the moving work.

Noxious weed treatment is a mobile operation, so drivers are asked to be aware and use extra caution.

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