New children’s book written and illustrated by Kentucky locals

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – A local author and illustrator are ready to take on the literary world with the release of a new children’s book, “Harry the Dragon and the Judging Town”. Leslie Isaacs, the author, lives in Richmond with her family and illustrator Jason Sturgill is a Lexington high school teacher and member of the Kentucky Guild of Arts and Craftsmen.

Isaacs book started off as a story she told her kids during a road trip.

“My kids kind of started screaming and fighting at each other and I was like ‘everybody hush’ and they were like ‘what?’ and I’m like ‘let me tell you a story’,” says Isaacs. “So I morphed this story about a dragon out of that.”

Isaacs says she’s always been a storyteller and with her deep love for children, they seem to flock to her.

“The children that have gotten the book already do love it like they’re like ‘read it again, read it again, read it again’,” says Isaacs.

“Harry the Dragon” will not be a one and done type book. Isaacs says she has at least 14 more written with more ideas bouncing around her head.

“The whole message in the Harry the Dragon books is teaching children life lessons and it’s teaching them something that will stick with them as they grow older and become adults,” says Isaacs.

No children’s book is complete without beautiful pictures and Isaacs was sure she wanted another Kentucky local to help her create the vision. Months of looking and a mutual friend led her to Sturgill.

“This is her book. This is her vision,” says Sturgill. “You know, if I come into it and kind of impose my will on that then it really is not her vision anymore.”

Sturgill uses his iPad to create the illustrations in Isaacs’ books. He says he would send her multiple drafts at a time and get her notes so the ideas in her head could come to life.

“We really want to kind of make our own little universe with Harry and you know, the whole town and his exploits,” says Sturgill.

Isaacs says to be on the lookout for another “Harry the Dragon” book in the spring, as this is a series that isn’t stopping anytime soon.

You can order your own copy of “Harry the Dragon and the Judging Town” on Amazon or visit for more information.

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