Neighbors of Two-Year-Old Killed in Lexington Not Optimistic Violence Will End

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)-Just as the message to stop violence in Lexington is getting louder, the violence is increasing. Like her family, neighbors who live on Nova Gallman’s street are devastated.

The two-year-old was shot and killed in her home Monday night. Her neighbors say another shooting in Lexington does not surprise them. They aren’t optimistic her death will encourage a change, even though it is so upsetting.

Valerie Butler lives two homes away from where Nova used to play on her front porch. Butler says she heard a shot Monday night.

“Around here, you know, it’s not a shocker,  but to hear that it was actually an innocent baby it was very sad,” Lakeisha Donaldson, another neighbor, said.

It is indeed very sad, but is it enough to make people stop the violence? It is a call that has only gotten stronger since 15-year-old Trinity Gay’s death in October.

ABC 36’s Veronica Jean Seltzer asked Butler if she thinks Nova’s death will serve as a wake up call.

“It probably won’t be,” Butler said.

The Lexington Police Department says there have been 23 murders in 2016 while over in Louisville that number is well above 100. Between 2010 and 2015 murders in Lexington have been between 12 and 20. Why? It is difficult to answer.

Butler says it is easy to get guns and hard for kids to improve their lives. Her neighbor, Donaldson, says people need to value their lives more; they need to find a job or hobby or risk losing more loved ones.

“People need to get together and they just need to change. If you don’t want to change for yourself change for the children. They are our futures and now her future is gone,” Donaldson.

The neighbors ABC 36 spoke to also pointed out it is almost time for the holidays. One of Nova’s family members tells us her Christmas presents were already under the tree, something her mom had to come home to after her little girl’s death.

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