Neighbors frustrated after BB gun damages homes and cars

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – People in one Lexington neighborhood are frustrated and on alert after cars and homes were shot up with a BB gun twice in three days.

“I don’t ever remember having anybody driving around just randomly shooting at people’s houses. This is a first for me. You know, there’s been some crime, but it’s not very often and it’s few and far between,” said Kim Woodrum, who’s lived in the Meadowthorpe neighborhood for almost 20 years.

Lexington Police sent out surveillance video of Woodrum’s street. The video shows suspects in a light colored car shooting at houses and cars.

“Well, of course it’s very frustrating that it’s happening in our neighborhood,” said Woodrum, whose neighbor’s car was hit twice.

Lexington Police say around 40 houses or cars have been vandalized since Thursday night. The department says it’s stepping up patrols to prevent number 41.

Woodrum is taking steps to make sure her home and car aren’t number 41 either.

“We want to protect our property, so we keep our cars in the driveway when we would normally park them on the street, and in the morning we have to kind of get all the cars out of the way so the first person can leave,” said Woodrum.

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