Natural gas leak has Powell County residents wondering

CLAY CITY, Ky. (WTVQ) – A natural gas leak at the Kinder Morgan pipeline

Oily spots on plants adjacent to pipeline/Courtesy Bradley Cunagin

in Clay City in Powell County caused a stir among neighboring residents Monday.

According to a statement from the company, the leak occurred at about 11:30 Monday morning.

“Kinder Morgan experienced a loss of power to a piece of equipment at its compressor station on the Tennessee Gas Pipeline system in a rural area of Powell County, Kentucky. The company’s emergency shut down system was activated, functioning as designed, and natural gas was safely vented to the atmosphere. Following the incident, some pipeline condensate was observed at a property outside of the facility. Kinder Morgan notified local officials and is working with area residents to assess impacts and address concerns related to the incident,” the company said in a statement issued by Katherine Hill, senior corporate communications specialist.

“There was no fire, and there are no injuries. Regulatory notifications have been made, and an investigation is being conducted. The company will work with residents on any cleanup activities required,” the statement continued.

Bradley Cunagin, who lives adjacent to the pipeline, sent WTVQ ABC 36 News pictures of plants and buildings with oily splotches.

“The gas plant right across from me has a incident and some kind of liquid has sprayed all over my property and my neighbors. We want to know what happened and what is all over our properties,” she said.


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