National Weather Service conducts storm survey in Jessamine County

JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- A nice day today but we’re just a few days removed from devastating storms that hit parts of Kentucky including Jessamine County.

Was there a tornado there last friday?

Experts tried to figure that out today.

National Weather Service and Emergency Management officials drove all around Jessamine County looking for damage to determine how strong Friday’s storm was when it rolled through the area.

Local EMA officials asked for help from the National Weather Service in determining the strength of the system after multiple people called them saying they thought a tornado may have touched down during Friday’s storm.

After assessing the remaining damage in the area, officials concluded a tornado did not touch down.

They say the damage was just caused by very high wind gusts.

“We’re not meteorologists, we’re emergency management so we called in the national weather service so they could come in and as one of our partners, help us to determine it was most likely straight line winds,” said Johnny Adams with Jessamine County EMA.

“But really the story of the event was the very heavy rainfall. There was some very bad flooding around the area, parts of Fayette County, Lexington. A bunch of very very quick heavy rain caused a lot of problems at rush hour too,” said John Gordon with the National Weather Service.

Officials say these surveys are also a great way for them to determine the accuracy of their weather predictions and come up with even better ways of monitoring and tracking storms.

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