National fireworks shortage affecting Kentucky suppliers

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Fourth of July could be a bit quieter this year due to a national fireworks shortage.

The National Firework Association says there’s a limited supply of fireworks this year due to tariffs imposed on china and shipping issues, and it’s not only affecting supply, but also price.

Wildcat Fireworks owner Robert Workman said he tried his best to get ahead of the problem.

“We ordered as much as we could, but there’s definitely a shortage,” Workman said. “I won’t disclose which one, but I saw an ad for something that we used to sell for 100 bucks is now 250 dollars.”

Workman said that same product is now only 125-dollars in his store, which he admits can be pricey for customers, but said if he hadn’t ordered his supply six months ago, it would be worse.

He said prices have gone up between 5 and 30 percent and shipping costs have tripled.

“If it only went up a little bit maybe I don’t change my price at all, but the things that went up drastically we have to kinda work and have to kinda find a happy medium,” Workman said.

He said those drastic price jumps are with the big ticket items.

Stanley Yeast is the store manager of Phantom Fireworks in Frankfort. He said he’s not experiencing a shortage because the national chain has its own supplier in China, but he’s seeing higher prices and slower shipments.

“The prices are going up, but we’re doing our best to make sure everyone can get some fireworks and have a good time this year,” Workman said.

Both Yeast and Workman said last year they saw record sales and sold out before July 4. With this year’s challenges, they both said buy early.

“Honestly, my best advice is get in here as soon as possible,” Yeast said. “The earlier the better.”

“If you are waiting until like July 1st, July 2nd to buy your fireworks, you may not get any,” Workman said.

Wildcat Fireworks in Nicholasville will open on June 11.

Phantom Fireworks is already welcoming customers.

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