Nancy Jo Kemper and Andy Barr debate just weeks before election

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ)-With less than a month to go until we head to the polls, candidates for the 6th congressional district appeared on Kentucky Educational Television Monday night to make a final pitch to voters.

Right away, Democratic challenger Nancy Jo Kemper brought up an ad incumbent Andy Barr is running. Maybe you have heard it before.

It shows Nancy Jo Kemper saying, “So many wonderful things have been happening.”

Then a narrator says, “Nancy Jo Kemper. Too out of touch for Kentucky.”

Kemper says she was talking about the economy, but the ad makes it seem like she was talking about the war on ISIS. She says it represents,  “the fundamental kind of dishonesty” found in Washington.

Barr responded by saying the ad is not dishonest, that Kemper is out of touch with people.

After those comments, the debate focused for a while on the economy. With Kemper accusing Barr of taking money from Wells Fargo, even though he was on a committee that held hearings about that bank’s activities.

“What she’s saying is that I am supporting legislation to fight over. I am opposing Dodd Frank because of campaign contributions. I am opposing over regulation and I’m opposing Dodd Frank because it’s hurting the people of Kentucky,” Barr said.

“What you wanted to do is to remove the cop on the beat that caught and found Wells Fargo guilty and you have yet to return any of the money that they collected fraudulently from their customers that has been contributed to your campaign. I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t pass the smell test in my book,” Kemper said.

Those were the issues with the most focus, but the candidates also discussed national security and healthcare.

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